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Geospatial Analysis

As an expert in marine geospatial analysis, AI App Works Inc., uses desktop, mobile, and web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) applications for spatial planning, survey design, field data collection, data management, interpretation, 2D and 3D visualization, and communication. We collect quality data in sufficient amount to deliver the quality solution to reach your satisfaction level.

We deploy mobile, desktop, and online tools supported by Artificial Intelligence technology to collect and centralize data, conduct analyses, and communicate results. Our GIS metadata comply with International Standards Organization reporting requirements and provide information regarding identification, extraction, pattern determination and Temporal schema.

Geospatial Business Intelligence

Geospatial Business Intelligence is an emerging technology utilized by business enterprises for better business intelligence support for effective business initiatives. GeoBI offers better decision making, ultimately leading to better revenue opportunities, enhanced risk management, improved cost visibility, enhanced cost visibility and so on.

Seek the GeoBI services offered by AI App Works for computer-based techniques for the identification, extraction, and analysis of business data for your common business tasks including reporting, scoreboards, data mining, OLAP (online analytical processing), dashboards, business performance management analytics and so on for better business output.

Cloud Computing

Workforce Management and Automation for Utilities

Workforce Management is mostly implemented through a combination of various automation applications including ERP applications, Time and attendance software, Human resource Informations System and so on. Every business enterprise has its unique workflow and requires to leverage different software based time and attendance closely coupled with ERP and such other solutions.

AI App Works offers solutions for accurate tracking of the workforce of an organization, dispatch workers for various types of field services along with the optimized routes and work schedule for removing any kind of bottleneck and keep the work flowing.

Cloud Computing

Field Data Collection for Assets Inventories

Field Data Collection for Assets Inventories can effectively create or collect task orders from internal sources including CIS, OMS, and ERP. for better management of work preparation and material allocation, get yourself a Geospatial powered Field Data Collection for Assets Inventories. It can be installed in the core of workforce optimization to enable your business enterprise with the fully optimized life cycle of field services operations and compliance jobs.

AI App Works can deliver a perfectly integrated workforce management system which can deliver comprehensive field force automation. You can have better schedule and dispatch field personnel system, configure and read smart meters on site and can manage spare parts placed in the inventory using the location-based services.

Cloud Computing

Integrate Mobile/Web Data Distribution Platform

With the growth of smartphone users, automation services are also evolving. Geospatial enabled services can now be accessed on mobile for better convenience. It can integrate the advanced systems like workforce management system or field data collection system with your mobile device to make it easy for the admin to access the data in an even more convenient manner.

AI App Works offer solutions with the latest advancements in mobile technologies and systems for uniform data access and workforce management across your business enterprise. Improve the overall workflow of your business enterprise in an even better manner with integrated mobile/web data distribution platform.

Cloud Computing