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Business Automation

Business automation typically requires a complex solution, and AI App Works Inc., is up to the challenge. Our IT outsourcing professionals are extremely talented and start by analyzing a client’s existing production and business processes to recognize inherent flaws and weak points. Then we design and develop the client’s desired automation system, taking responsibility for the software’s coding and programming for both web and mobile platforms using high-end technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

We define our work with the quality of the delivered system and satisfaction level of our clients. We aim to deliver efficient solution which is scalable for your immensely growing business.

Healthcare and Medical Systems

AI App works offer advanced healthcare services to offer healthcare professionals and patients with a better experience of healthcare services by automating the high-volume, repetitive workflows with tailored healthcare automation, cloud-based Management, AI-driven automation and so on.

Cloud Computing


AI App Works offers great tailored capabilities for retail shops for omnichannel retailing, integrated solutions, M-wallet, Payment gateways, IT services, cloud solutions and so on. Trust our retail business automation solutions to increase your turnarounds.

Cloud Computing

Financial Services

AI App Works offer exciting Financial BPM for effective staff utilization which allows you to focus on your core operations, directly affecting your ROI. so get yourself an effective solution to automate the processing withdrawals and payment to shift your focus on your core business operations.

Cloud Computing


AI App Works is specialized in high-end warehouse automation services for eliminating the issues from supply chains before it reaches to the end-users and results in delayed deadlines and causes problems along the way. We automate the automated storage and retrieval systems along with warehouse control systems.

Cloud Computing