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AI App Works, Inc. is a solutions-focused firm geared towards solving the real-world problems with innovative technology solutions. We are subject matter experts in cutting edge technologies and have implemented projects in various domains like mobility solutions, AI & Machine learning, business automation, blockchain development, Internet of Things (IoT), geospatial analysis, cloud native application development and cloud migration.

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    • High Quality

      Trust us with the high-quality consultancy with our extremely talented team working with the latest approach used in AI.
    • Flexible Solutions

      We offer the solutions specifically designed to fit the core needs of your businesses for making your business effortless and generate higher ROI
    • 24x7x365 Support

      AI App Works, Inc ensures 24x7x365 support to the clients throughout the project development and implementation. We also offer post-implementation maintenance to support your business requirements and to help you stay at top!

Why AI Works?

Engineered For Quality

Trust us with the most amazing and high-quality data aggregation as we offer only the best workers by auditing their task annotation against the tasks with the known answers. Consensus multiple nodes are produced as the final product with the objective of gaining understanding about the underlying components of training deep learning models within distributed and parallel environments as well.

Engineered For Quality
Scalable Solutions

Scalable Solutions

With the specialization in the novel algorithm for hyperparameter optimization, we deliver an analytical performance model which is accurately modeled to offer expected scalability and performance within distributed and parallel environments as well.

Fully Managed

We promise a fully managed infrastructure as our experts are constantly working to deliver you scalable features to support your future needs. Our infrastructure is constantly updated for effective security countermeasures, responsiveness, and higher availability so that you can focus on your core competency.

Fully Managed
Cost-Effective Solutions

Cost-Effective Solutions

With the cloud platform, we offer state-of-the-art tools available for relatively lower cost. You can experience better efficiency and improved workflow in terms of minutes. It is our strategy to gain the competitive edge by delivering services in relatively lower costs.

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Recent Testimonials

  • Adriana Shayk - Com Tech

    Consistent and Expected Results

    Happy with the consistent and expected results delivered by AI App Works, Inc, Thanks a lot!

  • Sean Connery - Avise

    Talented and Certified Professionals

    We’re very satisfied by working with the highly talented, certified and experienced professionals as they are dedicated to deliver us with best-in-class services. Many Thanks!

  • Jeremy Irons - McGill

    Flexible and Superior Solutions

    Our organization mainly operates in the financial sector and we approached AI App Works, Inc. to help us with the blockchain development and implementation. They did a superior job and we can’t thank them enough!

  • Emma Thompson - GasSpeed

    Most Innovative and Creative Solutions

    It was fantastic working with AI App Works, Inc. And I’m delighted to say that the team is extremely talented and they delivered the most innovative and creative solution. Thanks AI App Works, Inc!

Artificial Intelligence For Boosting Your Sales

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Get yourself smart AI based Chatbots, capable of filter out the leads by asking smart questions!

AI for Innovative Marketing Solutions

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To reach out the potential customers, you can get machine learning tools from us which helps in understanding the activities of the user and further filters the marketing campaign for targeted audience.

AI-based personal Assistant

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Make shopping easier for your customers by assisting them for the shopping over your e-commerce website!